Why i love cat ?? Because they're loving, playful, charming and cute companions. If you love cats and have one near you, you will like to spend time watching it and it will rare be troublesome to you. Cats have their own world that is closely bound up with ours, but it doesn't go round our world. Sharing your life with cat means to see the grace of its soul and body if only you know what to be looked for..Watch your pat and its way to express emotions: it seems to you that the cat is asleep but its always ready to startle. Can you feel the sense of unanimity and trust which you cat suggests me you rubbing its head against your leg? How can one describe the look of a cat that displays its satisfaction after having a good dinner? Cats are animals with wonderful grace. If you would like to become a cat's owner you should remember that you can never become its master. Cats can share their intimacy with you only if it considers that you deserve trust. You can neither buy cat's soul, nor impress it with things you have. But once you gained the confidence of a cat - it will prefer your company to any other in the world. What other relations can give us such a reliability, faithfulness and encouragement? There are many reasons why we share our life with cats but all of them have something mutual. Love is that very thing which unites us: our love of animals, their grace, simplicity, sincerity, beauty, devotion, affection, spontaneity, playfulness. And their love of us, human beings, only cats knows the secret why do they love us. God teach us how to love one another, express your love not only human but for animal and other thing that live in earth...Think about it again..Wink







                                CAT FLEAS

Ok..today i want share to you all about cat fleas. Keep your cat happy and safe mean you need them enough supplying such as plenty of food and treats, a warm bed, annual checkup at the vet and lots of love. Protect them form fleas, since i had learn in my Entamology subject, my lecture teach me about cat fleas. Now i wanna share a little bit about what i had study about this subject before.


Genus   :  Ctenocephalides 
Species :  Felis
Order    :  Siphonaptera
Family   :  Pulicidae
Class    :  Insecta
Phylum  :  Arthopoda

A cat fleas( Ctenocephalides ) can jump very high compare to Pediculus Humanus( common name: lice Order: Anoplura ),they have powerful hind legs which allow for running and jumping through hair, fur and feathers. The adult cat fleas require fresh blood  to produce eggs. They have complete metamorphosis means complete stage involving egg, larva, pupa and adult. Cat fleas eggs are laid at the rate of up to one egg per hour.They are oval in shape, smooth( about 0.5mm in size ), and white in colour. in larvae stage, wormlike larvae hatch from the eggs, larvae lack eyes, legs, are covered with few hair, and possess dark guts. In pupae stage, before becoming adults, the larvae spin silk cocoons in which they will develop. Because of the sticky outer surface of the cocoons, dirt and debris attracted to them and provide camouflage.

Disease related with cat fleas ( Medical and economic significance ). 

Cat fleas are capable of transmitting plague and murine typhus to human, though such reports are rare. Also varied allergic responses to their bites, depending upon the sensitivity of the host. Cat fleas serve as intermediate host to an intestinal parasite, the dog tapeworm ( Dipylidum caninum ), which is transmitted to the pet when a flea carrying a tape worm cyst is ingested. Mostly, fleas simply act as a nuisance, since they feed on any worm blooded animal. A common problem for the host is flea allergy dermatitis ( FAD ).

So, if u think you care with your pet...so do not forget to keep them healthy , hygiene is the most important think when u ready to get any pet to keep  them in your house. 

KEEP YOUR CAT HEALTHY, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU AND GOOD FOR YOUR FAMILY TOO ( Any source about how to treat you cat in hygiene condition ;-


Her name is Kitty... and now we're not together anymore. i leave him at Perdana apartment alone with her mother...itu pun kalau Kitty still ngan mama dia. im so so sad...Kitty sorry coz tak dapat jaga Kitty lagi. I hope Humanistic person can keep u safe and healthy always...U have same habit with me and i know what u feel...u miss your mother and your family.  Kitty terpisah ngan kakak, abang and adik2. Mama Kitty tak dapat buat apa2 coz Mama Kitty hanya sekadar haiwan terbuang, tak ada ''power'' untuk selamatkan anak2nya, tak mcm manusia..ada power( tangan utk memukul,menembak , memotong and etc.. kaki utk menendang, mulut utk mengumpat, mengata, etc..otak utk merancang kejahatan and etc..). Manusia sebenar adalah manusia yang d cipta Tuhan, menghargai semua ciptaanNya, menerima kebaikan dan keburukan setiap ciptaanNya, meneliti, merasai dan menikmati keindahan ciptaanNya. Manusia sebenar adalah yang sayang akan keluarganya, teman-temanya dan semua ciptaan Tuhan. 

Mama Kitty tak pernah lupa anak2nya...and Kitty pula selalu syg mamanya. Kasih sayang ini la yang buatkan sy sedar..Tuhan mencipta semua isi d dlm bumi ini punya tujuannya sendiri dan punya kehidupan sendiri. Tuhan memberi kuasa terhadapt manusia keatas semua haiwan ternakan dan semua benda2 yg hidup d dunia...tapi apa kah yang manusia ini fikirkan?? keganasan..kehancuran, pembunuhan, segala mcm kekejaman..Manusia bunuh manusia...sehinggakan manusia ini bunuh dan buang anak kandung sendiri...merogol anak kandung sendiri..manusia apa kah ini?? sedangkan haiwan sendiri punya kasih  yang lebih mendalam pada anak2nya..takut kehilangan anak2nya..sy lebih menghargaai segala ciptaanNya dengan cara menyayangi haiwan2 peliharan n haiwan2 terbiar...sy mahu menghargaai ciptaanNya dengan cara merasai dan menikmati dan menghayati segala mcm ciptaanNya. Saya menghormati setiap insan yg punya sifat keperimanusiaan dlm setiap pelusuk bumi. bagi sy..Mama Kitty adalah icon utk haiwan peliharaan yg punya semangat kasih syg yang kuat terhadap anak2nya, bayangkanlah klu kucing2 ni pandai berbahasa manusia...dia pasti akan beritahu segala kedukaannya tentang kehilagan anak2nya...pasti ada yang mendengar..tapi mama Kitty hanyalah sekadar haiwan terbiar...'' miaww..miaww..'' itu sj yg mampu dia katakan...and manusia tak akan mendengar kedukaannya, kerana manusia tak memahami bahasa haiwan ni...

Gambar kat sebelah Kiri : Kitty terlena d pelukan saya...dia baru abis main..penat then tertidur..biasa la...mcm baby..bila dah penat bermain mesti tertidur..sy punya pengalaman menjaga baby2...jaga baby mmg syok..tpi perlukan ketabahan..even sy blm kahwin and pernah merasakan penatnya menjadi seorg ibu sebenar...tapi sekurang-kurangnya sy punya bnyk pengalaman semasa menjaga baby2..sy punya adik 3...time adik2 sy still d gelar baby...terus terang sy katakan...mmg penat jaga..then sy pernah jaga baby anak kakak angakt sy...time tu sy still form 5..memang penat n tension....tpi..jaga baby perlukan ketabahan..tpi jaga baby maiww senang..kadang2 buat tension jg..sb nakal..lari sana lari sini...buang najis..kena basuh...tapi sy still happy coz...miaww cute!! baby miaww buat sy hilang tension dgn telatah nakal dorang tue..sy suka jaga Kitty coz sy rindu nak jaga baby...jaga Kitty juga buat sy happy selalu..jaga kitty beri sy persediaan utk jaga baby..hehe...bila ingat balik time sy jaga baby orang( kerja sampingan time baru abis SPM dulu )..memang penat gilerrr...baby tu nakal sangat..hampir2 nak pengsan sy jaga...dah la time tu kena bersihkan semua bahagian rumah...kena berhadapan dgn karenah budak2 tu pla...nasib baik sy mampu bersabar..sy cuba ingat kasih sayang lah yang mampu beri sy kekuatan menjaga anak2 kecil. Mcm juga Mama Kitty ni...time Baby dia hilang..dia tak putus asa mencari..pagi malam petang...sentiasa miaww2..kehulu ke hilir mencari anak2 kesayanganya...sedih sy tengok Mama kitty time tue. Oleh kerana tidak tahan tgk penderitaan mama Kitty ni..akhirnya sy buat keputusan nak bantu dia cari baby dia...rupa-rupanya Kitty kat rumah sebelah..ada org yg syg kat Kitty ni..n jaga Kitty baik2. Tapi naluri sy berkata...selagi ada masa...biarkan la dulu Kitty bersama Mamanya..sy nak Mama kitty tue hidup bersama sehingga Kitty tue besar sikit..then apa lagi..sy pun panggil Kitty dri rumah sebelah...Kitty tue pun faham apa yg sy maksudkan..dia datang..cute Kitty tue..dia datang terus sy bawa masuk Kitty dlm rumah..then sy temukan Kitty ngan mamanya..Happy sangat Mama Kitty tue...Mama Kitty menjilat2 kepala Babynya..( klu manusia..c ibu akan membelai2 kepala babynya n mencium dahi babynya )..tpi bgi kucing...mereka menggunakan lidah dan bahasa terdalam mereka utk menyatakan kasih sayang..bila lihat Mama Kitty happy..sy pun turut happy la...memang happy dapat satukan c ibu ngan anaknya...

Gambar kat atas : time ni sy tengah main2 ngan Kitty, Kitty nie nakal tau..Kitty cute!! i always love Kitty..kitty time ni semakin gemuk..sy happy bila dia happy and sihat..

Gambar kat atas : haa...ni la picture Kitty time dia masih d gelar baby Kitty...cute kan Kitty...time ni dia masih malu2 nak tinggal ngan kita org tau..tgk jak muka dia nie..malu2 bila d snap..time ni sy happy bila mama kitty kenal kan sy ngan baby dia setelah 2 mggu mama kitty ni meghilangkan diri sblm mama kitty ni bergelar pregnant cat, hehe..time ni..sy tak dpt bwa mereka berdua tggl dlm rumah coz ada roomate yg tak dpt mendekatkn diri ngan cat..so sy pun biarkan mereka berdua kat luar rumah..tapi...bila hari berikutnya..Kitty hilang..Mama Kitty start risau..mengiaww2 sana sini..sy start sedih...then dri situ la bermulanya simpati sy...sy tlg Mama Kitty mencri Baby kesygnnya...after menemui Kitty and menyatukan mereka berdua...sdari situ la start semua kenangan bersama mereka berdua...never forget our memory........

                                            My Lovely Kitty

                                                                Lovely Mama Kitty




Im one of maru's fan..love maru so much..^__^ more about Maru the cat..here i get some information from wikipedia site..

Source : Wikipedia

Maru (まる, Japanese: circle or round) is a plump male Scottish Fold cat in Japan who has become a popular YouTube personality. As of July 2010, videos with Maru, who has a particular penchant for charging and diving head first into cardboard boxes, have been viewed fifty-six million times.[1] Videos featuring Maru have an average of 1,000,000 views each and he is mentioned often in print and televised media discussing Internet celebrities.[2] His owner, who does not show her face on camera or speak in the videos, posts videos under the account name 'mugumogu.' The videos are edited to include title cards in English and Japanese setting up the events of the video. 
Entertainment Weekly mentioned Maru alongside Keyboard Cat and Nora in its "Notable Kitty Videos" article.[3][4] The New York Times mentioned Maru in an article about cats and dogs in the media and included pictures of the cat.[5] As of September 2009, Maru's channel is the 9th most subscribed in Japan


INTERVIEW WITH MARU THE CAT (Visit ultimate cat lovers site ) :

                              MARU INTERVIEW